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The Internet connection error of AMSSE and AMSBE

Dear users,

***************** Updated @ Feb 16, 2020: This Problem Is Fixed On the Server Side, No Any Further Action Needed, Just Ignore Below Text *****************

Recently (since Jan 27, 2020), you may get the error about verifying license key, checking connection / new version, getting server date, etc. All about the Internet connection.

All are caused by the encryption protocol of AMS official site is upgraded to TLSv1.3 due to TLSv1.0 is deprecated in most web browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, etc. And AMSSE / AMSBE cannot use HTTPS to get the data from URLs.

Anyway, we are very sorry for this issue.

It is gratifying that we noticed and resolved the issue in time.

Here is the solution:
*** Please download AMSSE/ AMSBE from the official site and reinstall it (no version update, just a little default setting changes).
Note: before install them, please kill/stop the related process/service in Windows Task Manager (name: AMSSE*, AMSBE*, Auto Mail Sender*).

*** Maybe need some settings changes:

** Open folder:
AMSBE: C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\TriSun_Software\Auto_Mail_Sender_Birthday*
AMSSE: C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\TriSun_Software_Limited\Auto_Mail_Sender_Standard*
If there are more than one #.#.##.# sub folders under it, delete all the old version folders.

** And then enter the current version folder, open user.config by Notepad:

Delete all settings that name like “u_*” and value is a URL (if have).

FYI: A fully setting like (please delete all the 3 rows for ONE setting):
<setting name=”****” serializeAs=”String”>
Note: usually, the user.config file is OK, no action needed.

***************** Updated @ Feb 16, 2020: This Problem Is Fixed On the Server Side, No Any Further Action Needed, Just Ignore Above Text *****************

How to send an eCard in AMS Birthday Edition?

Hello everyone,

As you know, AMS Birthday Edition (AMSBE) can send automatic birthday greetings (cards and / or messages).

Maybe some users do not know how to send e card in AMSBE, so we will introduce this now:

1. Use AMSBE Built-in Greeting Cards
a) Click “eMails -> eMail templates manager” module link on the main interfcae.
b) Click <Add> or <Edit> on the toolbar to enter the edit mode.
c) Click <Insert> button, and then select “Built-in greetings cards…” menu item.
d) Select the card as you need, and then click <OK>.

Send e Card

The final result like this:

Send an eCard

2. eMail Greeting Cards by Using Your Own or Online eCards
a) b) are same as above.
c) Click <Adds image> button on the toolbar of Rich text email editor.
d) Paste the eCard location into [Picture Source] field or simply click <Browse…> button to choose a local eCard, and then click <OK>.

eMail Greeting Cards 2

The final result as below:

eMail Greeting Cards

eMail Greeting Cards 3

3. Note
a) In point 2nd, the [Picture Source] field supports WEB URL, so you can use an online eCard on the Internet. Sure, you can also download it to your local disk and then select it by <Browse…> button.
b) Except the built-in greetings eCards, we also provide you with many free online eCards on AMSBE site at
Free Greeting Cards
You can FREE use these e cards directly follow above 2nd point.

Visit AMS Birthday Edition official webpage now.

How to upgrade AMS Birthday Edition v1.11- to v1.20?

Since Auto Mail Sender Birthday Edition had upgraded to version 1.20, some users encountered a problem during upgrade to the latest version (v1.20).
The issue is: AMS Birthday Edition always prompts user to upgrade version when it starts.

The reason and solution as below:

1.11- versions are portable software.
1.20 is not again.

Please follow below steps to update it:

1. Copy out your old database (amsbe.db) from old version (portable version, in a folder you placed).
2. Delete, rename or backup the old version.
3. Download the latest version, install it, copy the backup file (amsbe.db) to its folder (right-click the shortcut, and open file location).
4. Last: make sure the shortcut under the Startup menu points to the new version (right-click it and see the [Target] field). If not, delete the startup shortcut and reinstall the latest version.

Hope this can help you.

How to see more attachments in our emarketing products?

Hello everyone,

On our emarketing software‘s main or Templates Manager interface, the attachments box can only display several attachments (about 5).

I think you want to know how to see more attachments if you attached many files / folders, it is so easy, just double-click the attachments box to see them, to restore this box, please double-click it again.

This article is applied to AMS Birthday Edition

How do our emailing software start automatically?

Hello everyone,

For AMS File Edition:

The installers of our emarketing software will put a shortcut of the executable file to your ‘Startup’ menu under ‘Start -> All Programs’, does not change your Registry or system settings.

So, it has the ability to start automatically, to keep this, please do not delete this shortcut.

For AMS Standard and Birthday Editions:

The sender is running as a Windows Service, and set as automatic running.

Just ignore that and no setting needed, it will work always.