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Now Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition v2.10 Is Available

Hello everyone,

Now Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition v2.10 is available, you can feel free to upgrade your copy.

Please refer the following links to know more detail:
Official Page:
Direct download URL:

This version is a major upgrade, the updates as below:

>> New Features:
* Important: uses the random “Message-ID” in the SMTP layer to avoid some email servers and / or ISPs treating your emails as junk or spam. Now, the delivery success rate is increased substantially.
* Important: supports the embedded images with “file:///…” format that generated by a few operating systems. Now, any embedded image will be shown in the receiver’s email client / webmail.
* Important: webmail can display the local embedded images.
* Optimized the “License Agreement” in the installer.
* Changed “no available proxy server for sending them” prompt to “no available proxy server for connecting your SMTP server” to make it to be more accurate.
* Changed “represented as {…} automatically” to “formatted as {macro name} automatically” in the online help to make it to be more accurate.
* Optimized and beautified the program, website, documentation and installer (text, fonts, images and their definition, colors and layout).

>> Bug Fixes
* Important: if the email has not attachment, but has the embedded images, some webmail systems will display the attachment icon in their messages listing, such as, Gmail.
* Fixed the tooltips of the attachments listing on “Email Templates Manager” interface.
* Fixed the “Optional Fields” explanation (the duplicate [Last Name]) on “The Explanation of Importing Employees” interface.