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Why are Enterprise licenses more expensive than Commercial licenses in our automatic birthday email sender?

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Hello everyone,

As you know, in our automatic birthday email sender – Auto Mail Sender Birthday Edition (AMSBE), compare with the same number of persons (for Enterprise licenses, persons = employees, for Commercial licenses, persons = contacts), Enterprise licenses (EL) are more expensive than Commercial licenses (CL).

For instance:
birthday email greeting price question
As above, in our email greeting software – AMSBE, Commercial license (1,000 contacts) with Lifetime upgrades sells for US $119.99, but Enterprise license (1,000 employees) with Lifetime upgrades sells for US $449.99!!


EL serves your internal employees, and all your employees will enjoy EL’s service (send free ecards/messages greetings) on their birthdays or some festivals. So, you need to pay EL fee for your company and every employee. As above example, it only costs you $0.45/employee, not expensive 🙂

For another situation – CL: it serves for your external contacts, such as friends, business, schoolmates, etc. They are not your company’s people, so you do not need to pay CL fee for them, so it only costs $0.12/contact in above example, also a reasonable price 🙂

Please note that: CL can also create the internal contacts (under Colleagues category), but it is only used for a few colleagues as usual for below reasons:

  • Calls “Colleagues” not “Employees”.
  • Only stands on the PC (which installed and running AMSBE) owner’s ground, not your company’s ground.
  • It’s hard to organize and manage the “Colleagues” without the “Enterprise structure”, in the EL, you can organize and manage all employees in “Enterprise structure” according to their departments.

1. This article is also applicable for comparing with the prices of Enterprise licenses and Personal licenses.
2. The sample prices are only applicable for current prices (post time), if they are different than you seen on the order page, please subject to the latter.

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