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About holidays notice.

Hello everyone,

Now, we have published 2010 holidays notice on our email and emarketing products support page for your reference. And we will publish the holidays notice for every year from now on.

During the holidays, in addition to email support, all business will operate as usual.
That is, you can use our products, visit our websites and blogs, place your orders and retrieve your license keys as usual, but your support request emails may not be replied in time.

The following is a list of 2010 holidays, for your reference.

New Year’s Day: Jan 01 – Jan 03.
Traditional New Year: Feb 13 – Feb 19, but Feb 20 (Sat.) – Feb 21 (Sun.) are working days.
Ching Ming Festival: Apr 03 – Apr 05.
Labor Day: May 01 – May 03.
Dragon Boat Festival: Jun 14 – Jun 16, but Jun 12 (Sat.) – Jun 13 (Sun.) are working days.
Mid-Autumn Festival: Sep 22 – Sep 24, but Sep 19 (Sun.) and Sep 25 (Sat.) are working days.
National Day: Oct 01 – Oct 07, but Sep 26 (Sun.) and Oct 09 (Sat.) are working days.

This article is applied to all our email and emailing products.

Forecast of Auto Mail Sender File Edition 1.0

Hello everyone,

As you know, our auto emailers will be a product line.
After Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition, the next sub product is named Auto Mail Sender File Edition, and it will be released soon.

Now, let us make a preliminary understanding about it.

Auto Mail Sender File Edition will let you write and manage your emails in your conventional text editor or Spreadsheet software according to our file interfaces definition.

After created file emails, you just need to do a simple settings in Auto Mail Sender File Edition (such as which folders include your file emails), it will work – sends your email (include automatically and manually), so as to improve the writing and managing efficiency.

Meanwhile, your IT products can generate these email files according to our file interfaces definition, and then let Auto Mail Sender File Edition to complete the remaining work. That is, you can regard it as a plug-in module of your IT products that has automatic emailing function.

Why renamed ‘Auto Mail Sender’ to ‘Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition’?

Hello everyone,

As you know, from version 4.22, “Auto Mail Sender” had been renamed to Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition.

And we said ‘due to product line development needs’ in the related newsletter.

That is, our auto mailers will be a product line, it may include the following products:
Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition,
Auto Mail Sender File Edition,
Auto Mail Sender Programming Edition,
Auto Mail Sender Database Edition,
Auto Mail Sender Birthday Edition,

Please pay attention to its sub products.
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Forecast of Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition v4.21

Dear user:

We plan to publish Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition 4.21 next month.

The forecast of version 4.21 as below:

>> Features
1. Supports folder attachments (important feature).
2. Supports debugging (important feature).
3. Will improve the UI response speed.
4. New help chapter – “Start, exit and debug AMSSE”.
5. Will add the ‘Subscribe to AMS Blog’ RSS Feed’ feature to the help menu.
6. Will add some notes about attachment and AMS blog to the help document.

>> Fixed
1′. The validity check of email template is not rigorous.
2′. No existing check for attachments when saving, opening and sending email.
3′. If attach multiple files once, sometimes the attachment icon does not display properly.
4′. In the manual sending mode, if there are duplicate attachment names, then the sent email only displays the first duplicate name properly.

>> Other minor updates during the upgrade.