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Forecast of Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition v4.21

Dear user:

We plan to publish Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition 4.21 next month.

The forecast of version 4.21 as below:

>> Features
1. Supports folder attachments (important feature).
2. Supports debugging (important feature).
3. Will improve the UI response speed.
4. New help chapter – “Start, exit and debug AMSSE”.
5. Will add the ‘Subscribe to AMS Blog’ RSS Feed’ feature to the help menu.
6. Will add some notes about attachment and AMS blog to the help document.

>> Fixed
1′. The validity check of email template is not rigorous.
2′. No existing check for attachments when saving, opening and sending email.
3′. If attach multiple files once, sometimes the attachment icon does not display properly.
4′. In the manual sending mode, if there are duplicate attachment names, then the sent email only displays the first duplicate name properly.

>> Other minor updates during the upgrade.