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Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition v15.0 Is Available

Hello everyone,

Now Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition v15 is available, you can feel free to upgrade your copy.

Please refer the following links to know more detail:
Official page:
Direct download URL:

This version is a major upgrade, the updates as below:
> Features / Improvements
* Important (I): canceled the character limit of email content (plain mode)/source code (rich mode). In previous versions, they are 32,767 Unicode characters.
* I: made the username of SMTP account/proxy server case sensitive (in fact, most servers request it case sensitive).
* I: if you try to set the schedule and have not created any SMTP account, AMSSE will prompt and guide you to create a SMTP account, once finished, show the “Schedule setter” UI. In previous versions, it will prompt you but disable the <Add> button of the “Schedule setter” UI.
* I: made the friendlier verifying rule for checking if the recipient is valid. E.g. now AMSSE can process the recipient string like “Name <[email protected]>” even “Name < [email protected]>”. In previous versions, it can only process the standard “[email protected]” or “Name <[email protected]> formats.
* I: displays the date, time and numeric in localized format (friendlier).
* I: automatically arranges the inputted/imported recipients when saving the template: formats them as [email protected] or X <[email protected]> and removes redundant separators & invalid recipients.
* I: provides you with the pure 32/64-bit application (in ONE copy), it can work on 32/64-bit Windows, on 32-bit Windows, it is a pure 32-bit application, and on 64-bit Windows, it is a pure 64-bit program.
* I: in automatic sending mode, it will prompt you the important information that caused AMSSE cannot finished the sending, in order to let you fixing something and continuing sending. In previous versions, it only recorded the reasons in the log quietly.
* I: optimized the internal algorithm for signature manager.
* I: optimized the logging way (more comprehensive and detailed): it will log the sending result for every receiver.
* No longer need to specify the number of columns when importing recipients, AMSSE can identify this now.
* If the item already exists in the input prompt list when manual adding a new one, AMSSE will prompt you to input it again. In previous versions, it will directly exit.
* Beautified the schedules list.
* The prompt of asking if you want to save a template appears more accurately.*
* Attachments area: supports to display the file size in digit grouping format.
* Now, AMSSE supports to identify the installed Excel version on your PC, in order to choose the better format (xls or xlsx) for saving the recipients to Excel workbook.

>> Bug Fixes
* I: “insert text from file to the plain text email” function is working messy, almost impossible to use.
* I: the “check duplicate schedules” algorithm is not 100% accurate: if you have set a schedule WITH the “Repeat” setting, AMSSE allows you to create a same schedule WITHOUT “Repeat” setting.
* I: the default location of saving recipients is “C:\”, this may cause AMSSE cannot save the recipients properly on Vista+ systems (no writing permission).
* The invalid recipient can be stored and shown also.