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Now Auto Mail Sender Birthday Edition v1.20 Is Available

Hello everyone,

Now Auto Mail Sender Birthday Edition v1.20 is available, you can feel free to upgrade your copy.

Please refer the following links to know more detail:
Official Page:
Direct download URL:

This version is a major upgrade, the updates as below:

>> New Features

** Performance optimization (starting, running).
** Supports to adjust the window size in Employees Manager and Personal Contacts Manager modules.
** UI optimization (more concise).
** Uses new numeric adjusting control on Options module to get the more friendly operation.
** Adds the button to Importing Contacts/Employees Wizards.
** Opens all features for every license (including Free license), such as importing contacts/employees, Employees Manager and Enterprise Structure.
** Redesigned licenses, their offers and prices.
** Provides the process wrapper (automatically) to avoid it exits abnormally.
** Documentation optimization.