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New software – Auto Mail Sender Birthday Edition is available.

Hello everyone,

Now Auto Mail Sender Birthday Edition is available, you can feel free to experience it.

Auto Mail Sender Birthday Edition (AMSBE) is designed to send birthday and festival greetings automatically, it is a sub product of our email marketing software. Just do a little settings, you can get a convenient tool for sending automatic greetings.

AMSBE organizes your relationships as two categories: personal contacts, employees (only available in Enterprise licenses).

Although AMSBE is desktop software, but it has “Sends Ahead”, “Brings Weekend Sending Forward to Friday” and “Resends Greetings If Failed” features to ensure that you will not miss any greeting.

It provides the Free license for you, Here are some key features of Auto Mail Sender Birthday Edition:

  • Automatic Birthday & Season’s Greetings
  • WYSIWYG HTML Email Editor
  • Personal Contacts Manager
  • Enterprise Structure
  • Employees Manager
  • Imports Contacts (txt, xls, xlsx, csv)
  • Imports Employees (txt, xls, xlsx, csv)
  • Build-in Festivals
  • Build-in Greeting Cards
  • Build-in Email Templates
  • Macros Manager & Build-in Macros
  • Templates Manager
  • Festivals Manager
  • Signatures Manager
  • SMTP Accounts Manager
  • Proxy Servers Manager
  • Many Sending and Other Settings
  • Queue and Log Manager
  • Backup/Restore Data
  • Unicode Supportable
  • Portable Application
  • Supports Multi-language
  • Auto-complete SMTP Account Settings
  • Creating the Popular SMTP accounts Directly
  • SSL / TLS Security Connection Supportable
  • Custom Sender/Reply Receiver/Read Receipt Receiver
  • Sends Festival Greeting One by One
  • Sends Ahead
  • Brings Weekend Sending Forward to Friday
  • Resends Greetings If Failed