How to send an eCard in AMS Birthday Edition?

Hello everyone,

As you know, AMS Birthday Edition (AMSBE) can send automatic birthday greetings (cards and / or messages).

Maybe some users do not know how to send e card in AMSBE, so we will introduce this now:

1. Use AMSBE Built-in Greeting Cards
a) Click “eMails -> eMail templates manager” module link on the main interfcae.
b) Click <Add> or <Edit> on the toolbar to enter the edit mode.
c) Click <Insert> button, and then select “Built-in greetings cards…” menu item.
d) Select the card as you need, and then click <OK>.

Send e Card

The final result like this:

Send an eCard

2. eMail Greeting Cards by Using Your Own or Online eCards
a) b) are same as above.
c) Click <Adds image> button on the toolbar of Rich text email editor.
d) Paste the eCard location into [Picture Source] field or simply click <Browse…> button to choose a local eCard, and then click <OK>.

eMail Greeting Cards 2

The final result as below:

eMail Greeting Cards

eMail Greeting Cards 3

3. Note
a) In point 2nd, the [Picture Source] field supports WEB URL, so you can use an online eCard on the Internet. Sure, you can also download it to your local disk and then select it by <Browse…> button.
b) Except the built-in greetings eCards, we also provide you with many free online eCards on AMSBE site at
Free Greeting Cards
You can FREE use these e cards directly follow above 2nd point.

Visit AMS Birthday Edition official webpage now.

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