How to upgrade AMS Birthday Edition v1.11- to v1.20?

Since Auto Mail Sender Birthday Edition had upgraded to version 1.20, some users encountered a problem during upgrade to the latest version (v1.20).
The issue is: AMS Birthday Edition always prompts user to upgrade version when it starts.

The reason and solution as below:

1.11- versions are portable software.
1.20 is not again.

Please follow below steps to update it:

1. Copy out your old database (amsbe.db) from old version (portable version, in a folder you placed).
2. Delete, rename or backup the old version.
3. Download the latest version, install it, copy the backup file (amsbe.db) to its folder (right-click the shortcut, and open file location).
4. Last: make sure the shortcut under the Startup menu points to the new version (right-click it and see the [Target] field). If not, delete the startup shortcut and reinstall the latest version.

Hope this can help you.

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