An important reason for cannot create/save/delete email templates in AMSSE

Author: TriSun Software Inc.
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Hello everyone,

Sometimes, AMSSE may cannot create, save or delete email templates on Windows Vista+ systems.

Below is an important reason and its solution:

First, please confirm that you downloaded AMSSE from:

If you are using the latest version, I think this is a file/folder access permissions issue.

Please change AMSSE data folder’s permissions as below (Add Everyone -> Full Control):

Data Folder
Please change above bold text according to your system environment.

AMSSE Data Permissions

Please apply this to TSSI folder’s all sub folders and files.

Note: we have considered this issue on Vista/Win7 or later systems and processed it in AMSSE program code. So, usually, you cannot encounter this problem. But, if you encounter it due to some exceptions, please correct it as above solution.

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