Now Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition v4.24 is Available

Hello everyone,

Now Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition v4.24 is available, you can feel free to upgrade your copy.

Please refer the following links to know more detail:
Official site:
Direct download URL:

This version is a minor upgrade, the updates as below:

>> Features
* Supports custom sender completely (important feature).
* Checks duplicate when attach files (important feature).
* Canceled maximizing feature for the subject box (does not need).
* Uses the shorter license key.

>> Fixed
* When restore the content area, if the attachments box is maximum, the interface will be a little messy.
* The attachments box is too narrow, this will cause that can not through double-click to maximize it and can not see the attachments list properly.
* Can not attach too many files (30+) to the attachments box once.

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