Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition v3.1 Is Available

Hello everyone,

Now Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition v3.1 is available, you can feel free to upgrade your copy.

Please refer the following links to know more detail:
Official page:
Direct download URL:

This version is a major upgrade, the updates as below:

>> New Features
* Important: importing contacts/employees feature is now compatible with any valid [Birthday] formats for non-Excel files (csv, txt, etc.), such as MM/dd/yyyy, M/d/YYYY, not must be yyyy-MM-dd format.
* Important: optimized the startup speed (put the network related tasks in the background).
* Added “the values can be ignored, but still need place holders.” remark to “The explanation of importing contacts/employees” interface.
* Adjusted [Birthday] explanation of “Required fields” on importing wizard interface: supports any valid date formats, not must be yyyy-MM-dd format.
* Optimized the prompt of imported contacts/employees, let it more readable.
* Optimized an English text.

>> Bug Fixes
* Important: if the background image, background sound or embedded images do not exist, the whole email will send unsuccessfully.
* Important: the [Department] column of employees list may display unreadable “_my_com_” string.

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