How to do when you cannot sent out embedded images in our eMailers?

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Hello everyone,

Sometimes, you MAY cannot send out embedded images in our eMailers, that is:
1. The received email has no picture in the message body, or displayed as a big red X.
2. Our eMailers report an error like this: URI formats are not supported.

This issue may be caused of:
1. Your picture is stored in a deep path. e.g. C:\documents and settings\a\b\c\d\e\f\logo.jpg.
2. The folder name has a long name. e.g. documents and settings.
3. The path name has some special characters, e.g. space, %, #, &, etc.

Specially, it has great possibility in Win2000/XP/2003.

So, to avoid or solve this issue, please:
1. Store your image in a simple folder, such as: D:\pics\logo.jpg.
2. Unfortunately, if you encountered this problem, don’t worry, just edit the source of the related email (template), change the Web URL format (automatically generated by your system) to Windows path to let it work. For instance:

src=”file:///c:\Documents%20and%20Settings\b alagaddan\a b c\my Documents\my Pictures\new Folder (2)\1c.jpg”
src=”c:\Documents and Settings\b alagaddan\a b c\my Pictures\new Folder (2)\1c.jpg”

As above, we still strongly recommend you to use the short and simple path, even encountered this problem, it is easy to fix:
e.g. changing
is easier.

At last, we will do our utmost to let our eMailers to be compatible with the web URL format.

This article is applied to AMS Birthday/File/Standard Edition.

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  1. Now, this problem is totally fixed.
    Now, you no longer need to process it manually.

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