In our bulk email software, what is personalized email and how to make it?

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Hello everyone,

On our official site, blog and the documentations of our email marketing software products, you can find many “personalized email” words.

Now, we will detail it, for your reference.

What is personalized email in our emarketing products?

In our bulk emailers, “personalized email” has the following characteristics:
1. The email contains many receivers in [To], [CC] and [BCC] fields, but every outgoing message is only sent to ONE recipient.
2. After your contacts received this email, every receiver will see ONLY his/her email address in [To] field, and no [CC]/[BCC] receivers.
3. Every recipient will see his/her name in email subject and/or content.

Usually, it is used to send the personalized newsletter, greeting and emarketing messages.

In other words, “personalized email” is similar to you writing and sending a message by the following steps:
1’ Fill [To] field with only ONE recipient.
2’ Write the name of above recipient and other words in [Subject] and/or [Content].
3’ Send this message.
4’ Repeat 1’ to 3’ many times (as the number of recipients).

How to make it?

As above, “Personalized Email” is so inviting: writing and sending your email ONE time to replace the hundreds of manual writing and sending.

So, how to do it?
It is so easy, just use the “Recipient information” predefined macros to implement this, such as {Full name of recipient}, {First name of recipient}, etc.
The Macro feature are contained in all our emarketing software, to know more detail about macros and how to use them, please read the following article:

What is Macro? What can it do and how to use it?

This article is applied to AMS Birthday/File/Standard Edition.

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  1. Supplement: you must check the One-by-one option to get the personalized email working.

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