Free Downloads Center editor’s Review for AMSSE v4.10

Free Downloads Center editor’s review for our AMSSE v4.10.

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Email clients make your job of managing emails a lot easier while personal information managers remind you of important personal dates and professional appointments. Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition 4.10 offers you the best of both worlds by combining standard email functions with the ability to set schedules for sending specific emails.

Your present email client may be perfectly capable of sending, receiving and managing emails. However, if you observe the pattern of mails being sent over a period of time, you will notice that more often than not, you are sending the same mail to a set of people though at different times. For example, as a professional, you might need to keep in touch with your clients on a regular basis or you might have to send greetings to family and friends. In such a case, the content of the mail might not change though you may have to send the mails at different times. Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition 4.10 offers you the perfect solution – you can use it to send emails to receivers specified by you automatically at the time and with the frequency that you choose. It certainly provides you all the traditional mail functions and adds a few more such as the ability to create a sending schedule, sending mails one by one and repeat sending of a specific mail. Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition also includes a powerful WYSIWYG HTML editor allowing you to create high-impact, professional looking mails very easily and quickly. You can use this application to create and send routine business emails on a regular basis. Else, you can keep your greeting ready and schedule it to be sent by Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition on the day of the special occasion like a birthday or marriage anniversary.

With its unique ability to schedule mails at one’s convenience so that one never misses sending out that all-important mail, Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition gets a score of four rating points owing to its stellar performance and rich feature set.

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