Why cannot send emails by Gmail account?

Author: TriSun Software Inc.
Original Address: https://blog.automailsender.com/auto-mail-sender-not-work-with-gmail
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Hello everyone,

Today, a user said that he cannot use Gmail account to send email with AMSSE.

We checked everything referred to Gmail official help (“Problems sending mail”) at

And found that all are OK, but still cannot send emails in any email client, such as Outlook, Thunderbird and our emailing software, the display reason is wrong password.

Accidentally, we found an article that names “My client isn’t accepting my username and password“, followed its steps, everything goes well! The reason is the SMTP function is locked by Google temporarily.

Yes, if you experience this problem, just try to visit this page to unlock your Gmail account first.

This article is applied to AMS Birthday/File/Standard Edition.

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