Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition v13.0 Is Available

Hello everyone,

Now Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition v13 is available, you can feel free to upgrade your copy.

Please refer the following links to know more detail:
Official page:
Direct download URL:

This version is a major upgrade, the updates as below:
> Features / Improvements
* Important (I): fully supports native Slovenščina.
* I: rich text email: supports to select any other valid audio files which are not included the filters as the background music. Previous versions only support to select audio from the preset 8 formats.
* I: rich text email: the background image supports 24 formats, and supports to select any other valid images which are not included the filters. Previous versions only support to select picture from the preset 6 formats, cannot select any other valid pictures.
* I: optimized signatures manager: press <Esc> key will close whole “Options” interface when you are editing a signature. Now, just cancel editing after pressed <Esc>.
* I: proxy server supports to use the user names which only have the different case (the actual situation may be allowed this).
* I: integrated the following functions to the toolbar of HTML email editor, easier to use: insert horizontal line, add/remove background color/sound/image.
* I: supports the embedded images with “file:///…” format that generated by a few operating systems. Now, any embedded image will be shown in the receiver’s email client / webmail.
* I: removed encoding and the related setting, now AMSSE will automatically use the right one according to your email content. Reduced the setup work.
* I: removes the duplicate email addresses when sending message (automatic and manual modes), [CC] is based [To], [BCC] is based [To] & [CC].
* I: removes duplicate items when automatically saving the input prompt.
* Added a few macros under “My information” category.
* Optimized proxy server editor interface: automatically lets [User] field gets focus after checked “Authentication required”.
* Added “Update history” function to the “Help” menu.
* Optimized the location of all the drop-down menus.
* Changed “Get/Retrieve Your License (Free)” menu item to “Lost License Key?” to eliminate ambiguity.
* Optimized internal efficiency.

>> Bug Fixes
* I: if the “First day of week” system setting is not “Sunday”, then the days of week of the added “Weekly” and “Monthly” (the second type) schedules are not right.
* I: SMTP account editor: cannot do “Save & add” action after edited one (still be “editing” mode”).
* I: cannot fully save the password of SMTP account/proxy server if it contains the leading/trailing space(s).
* I: Input prompt manager: if inputted an existing item when editing, AMSSE will show a blank prompt.

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