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Important Notice for Registered AMSSE v6 Customers

Important Notice for Registered AMSSE v6 Customers

  • Since version 7 has redesigned the licenses and the charge mode, so, you need to know the following things to decide your choice.
  • v7 will import your old data automatically, and we use the different path to store v7 and v6 data, even the program files are stored in the different location. So, don’t worry about losing data.
  • The most important thing is: v6 controls if you can upgrade product version, but the license does not expire, v7 is contrary – controls if your license will expire, but can FREE upgrade product version forever. So, if your old license & upgrades package allow you to upgrade v7, we will transfer your license automatically according to your paid amount and the new price. Here is the detail:
    • Personal license with 1/2 year(s) upgrades: no change.
    • Personal license with lifetime upgrades: transfer to 1.4 years (count from today – Mar 01, 2016, the same below) Personal license. 1.4 = $69.99 / $49.99 (your paid amount / now 1 year license price, the same below).
    • Home license with 1/2 year(s) upgrades: transfer to Business license (the license expiration date is your old upgrades package expiration date).
    • Home license with lifetime upgrades: transfer to 1.2 years Business license. 1.2 = $119.99 / $99.99.
    • Enterprise license with 1/2 year(s) upgrades: transfer to 1.5/1.6 years Enterprise license. 1.5 = $299.99 / $199.99, 1.6 = $319.99 / $199.99.
    • Enterprise license with lifetime upgrades: transfer to 1.75 years Enterprise license. 1.75 = $349.99 / $199.99.
    • As above, this is a big premium – we will count your license expiration date from today – Mar 01, 2016, even you purchased at Jan 01, 2014! That is, we regard as you purchased it today!
    • If your paid amount is not above standard price, we will calculate your license expiration date by your actual payment.
  • If you do not want to transfer your license, you can still use v6, you only need to do the following things after installed v7:
    • Put back the v6 shortcut icon to “Start -> All Programs -> Startup” menu, and delete the new shortcut of v7 under this folder, to ensure automatically running the right version when Windows starts.
    • Tell us you do not want to transfer your license and want to use v6 still, we will change it back to be compatible with v6, just eMail us at support[at]AutoMailSender.com.

    But we strongly recommend that you upgrade to v7. Because v7 has dozens of very very important features / improvements / bug fixes for about 4 years (2012~2016, see below update history).

  • Please visit AMSSE’s Order page to know the new license mode, offers and prices.

by TriSun [email protected] 01, 2016, Notice End

Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition v7.0 Is Available

Hello everyone,

Now Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition v7 is available, you can feel free to upgrade your copy.

Please refer the following links to know more detail:
Official page:
Direct download URL:

This version is a major upgrade, the updates as below:
> Features / Improvements
* Important (I): made the new main interface: integrates templates/schedules/queue management and template opening/editing in one interface, now you do not need to go the different interfaces/modules to manage/edit templates and schedules. This feature greatly improved your work efficiency.
* I: made the new and powerful log management interface (sending result for each receiver and 3D pie chart), in order to let you manage the sending history very conveniently. In the previous versions, you can only review the sending history in Notepad by reading the text line by line.
* I: supports to display and manage the eMailing queue.
* I: supports multi-threading in one-by-one mode (auto and manual both), and the maximum number of threads can be adjusted.
* I: in manual mode: made the more powerful & comprehensive and friendlier sending progress interfaces. Especially, in one-by-one mode, it can display the sending progress for each receiver, and uses the 3D pie chart to display the sending result.
* I: integrated the menus and toolbar, in order to let to find the desired functions quickly and conveniently, and more, it simplified your operations.
* I: can see the sample recipients files and their screenshot when select a recipients file, in order to let you know how to make your own recipients file at a glance.
* I: supports resending if failed for auto mode, and can set the resending interval & times.
* I: uses the random and global unique message ID in the SMTP layer to avoid some eMail servers and / or ISPs treating your eMails as junk or spam. Now, the delivery success rate is increased greatly. Even, some mobile devices cannot receive the messages that with the same message id properly, such as iPhone will only receive the first message from the messages that with the same message ID.
* I: changed the layout of template header and body: put header at the left of body (previous versions are above of body). More innovative, beautiful, practical and easier to use, and even makes full use of today’s popular widescreen monitor.
* I: uses the new data access way – XML, lighter and more stable.
* I: supports to pause/continue/stop sending in manual one-by-one mode.
* I: greatly adjusted/optimized/beautified all interfaces, for layout, font, etc.
* I: supports CC to yourself.
* I: Optimized the toolbar and all other icons, more beautiful & understandable and clearer.
* I: combined the “Sender” and “Reply Receiver” settings to SMTP accounts, in order to let the main interface cleaner and reduce your management costs.
* I: prevents sending the no-subject eMail for anti-spam reason.
* I: provides the sample template to simply introduce how to use this product. If you have not created any other templates, AMSSE will display the sample template by default. In previous versions, the interface is almost empty at the first running, it’s very unfriendly and you may have no way to start.
* I: distinguished the “Save” and “Save as” features. The previous versions only have “Save as…” function, very inconvenient.
* I: you can see the consumption of your license offer on the “View/upgrade license” interface.
* I: perfected UI effect for any system DPI setting, in any supported Operating Systems (system DPI setting: in Windows 7, it can be changed at “Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Display -> Make text and other items larger or smaller”).
* I: supports Windows 10, 32 & 64-bit both.
* I: no longer request installing the third-party (from Microsoft) component for Vista+ systems again, in order to let the installer to be trustworthier and running more smoothly.
* I: greatly reduced the size of installer via internal optimization, reduced nearly a half.
* I: displays the progress during testing SMTP account/proxy server.
* I: uses one interface to process backing up and restoring data operations, simpler and easier to use.
* I: on “Options” interface, put “SMTP accounts” before “Proxy server”, because you may do not need to use the proxy server usually.
* I: Moved all actions which need to run the default eMail client to the online webpages, in order to avoid the confusion if who has not a default eMail client.
* I: greatly optimized the online help documentation: removed all unnecessary content, only retained the important things that you need to know, more compact and practical.
* I: Use the new company logo on the “About…” and Splash interfaces.
* I: can perfectly preview the effect when change font settings.
* I: asking for confirmation before exit to avoid mistaking, because AMSSE is used to send eMails automatically and needs to be kept running.
* Displays the recipients count when import receivers from files.
* Optimized the border all text input boxes, more beautiful.
* Optimized the filter of background picture/sound chooser for HTML eMail editor (the old one is too long and hard to be complete shown).
* Supports to directly open the database location (for technical support), in order get better support.
* Uses Golden Ratio for the start position of the splash interface.
* Can visit the Mail solution/company homepage directly by clicking the related menu item under <Help> button.
* Added the remote support entrance to the <Help> button.
* Added “Find Us on facebook/Twitter/Google+” features to the <Help> button.
* Redesigned the licenses and the charge mode.

>> Bug Fixes
* I: if your system DPI setting is not default value (96), a few interfaces cannot be opened or flash, even the whole application will crash.
* I: outlook.com cannot display the embedded local images.
* I: if the eMail has not any attachment, but has the embedded image(s), some webmail systems will display the attachment icon in their messages listing, such as Outlook.com, Gmail.
* Cannot drop-down the “Format” and “Tools” menus by accelerator keys (<Alt+?>).