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How to send daily documents automatically?

Author: TriSun Software Inc.
Original Address: https://blog.automailsender.com/send-daily-documents-automatically
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Hello everyone,

On the ‘FAQ’ page, we wrote:
Q: How to send daily documents automatically?
A: To send daily documents automatically, please keep the files as the same name for everyday, then create an email template/file with this daily files and save it, at last, click <Schedule> button on the toolbar to set the automatic sending. Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition will do the remainder works.

Unfortunately, in this usage, you can not schedule the daily document that its name is not fixed:(

In fact, there is a replaceable way:
Attach the folder that contains your daily documents to your template
AMSSE will compress these files, so you do not worry about file size.

But this is not the final and perfect solution,
Yes, as your think, Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition will add the wildcard feature and file name macros for the attachments, that is, you can specify a placeholder for an attachment, such as ‘amsdebug{YYYYMMDD}.log’, in order to send the right file automatically.

This article is applied to AMS AMS File Edition and AMS Standard Edition.