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How to set SMTP accounts without related interface?

Author: TriSun Software Inc.
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Hello everyone,

Why do you need this?
Because there is a millionth probability, you can not open the ‘Add/Edit SMTP Account…’ interface properly.

If unfortunately you encounter this, don’t worry – you can set your SMTP accounts without the related interface of Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition.

Please do it follow these steps:
1. Open ‘C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\TSSI\AMS\data\smtp.dll’ (for Windows XP/2003) or ‘C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\TSSI\AMS\data\smtp.dll’ (for Windows Vista/7) in your usual text editor (such as Notepad, EditPlus, etc.).
Note, C: = system drive.
2. Input your email accounts manually:
* One line describes an account.
* All fields are separated by <Tab> character.
* There are 11 fields in a line.
* Can input several accounts.
* Format of one line:
0. SMTP Server1. Port2. Needs SSL (Y/N)3. Authentication Required (Y/N)4. User5. Password6. Display Name7. Email Address8. Display Name (Receipt Receiver)9. Email Address (Receipt Receiver)10. /SAEND (fixed)
* Sample accounts:
smtp.gmail.com 465 Y Y [email protected] 14ad yee xp test [email protected] yee xp test [email protected] /SAEND
smtp.tssi.com 25 N Y [email protected] 123abc test user [email protected] test user [email protected] /SAEND
3. After created accounts manually, you can set the default one in the SMTP Accounts list tab page on the ‘Options’ interface, if you can not do it also, please append the following content to ‘C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\TSSI\AMS\data\options.dll’ (for Windows XP/2003) or ‘C:\Program Data\TSSI\AMS\data\smtp.dll’ (for Windows Vista/7)
Note, C: = system drive.

[SMTP Account]
smtp.gmail.com 465 Y Y [email protected] 14ad yee xp test [email protected] yee xp test [email protected] /SAEND

Note: the line below [SMTP Account] is your actual account setting which inputted in smtp.dll.

At the same time to set more than one sending feature.

Hello everyone,

As you know, from version 5.0, Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition supports at the same time to set more than one sending (accurate to the minute).

But please note that the actual sending time is your current system time when the related email has been sent, except you use the custom sending time for the related emails.

The actual delay time is based on your network speed and the size of emails.

This article is applied to AMS File Edition and AMS Standard Edition.

Now the scheduler process had renamed to ‘AMSSES.exe’.

Hello everyone,

Please know that the scheduler process had been renamed from ‘AScheduler.exe’ to ‘AMSSES.exe’ in Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition.