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“Auto Mail Sender” was renamed to “Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition”

Hello everyone,

“Auto Mail Sender” has been renamed to Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition from version 4.22.

Because we will produce Auto Mail Sender File Edition, Auto Mail Sender Birthday Edition, and more.


Now Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition v4.22 is Available

Hello everyone,

Now AMSSE v4.22 is available, you can feel free to upgrade your copy.

Please refer the following links to know more detail:
Official site: https://www.AutoMailSender.com
Direct download URL: https://www.AutoMailSender.com/auto-mail-sender.zip

This version is a major upgrade, the updates as below:

>> Features
* Checks the network environment strictly before checks the latest version.
* Fills email subject and content automatically after clicked the support link in the help document.
* Lets ‘Last Day’ schedule option as the first option in the ‘Monthly’ list and added a few notes for this option in the help document.
* Added some explanations for licenses.
* Sets the property of AMSSE data folder as normal, so that users can send it to us easily for support request.
* Renamed ‘Auto Mail Sender’ to ‘Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition’ due to product line development needs.

>> Fixed
* Sometimes, monthly sending schedule will be chaotic (important bug).

Better be supported.

Hello everyone,

Sometimes, you cannot get technical support or get your license key by email of our email and emarketing software.

If you encounter such a situation, please don’t worry.

There is only ONE reason this will happen:
We cannot receive your emails or you cannot receive our emails (spammed or rejected).

So, if you encounter such embarrassment, please do not hesitate to request support or your license key by using other email addresses until you get it.

Although this probability is small, but you still have to pay more attention about this situation.

You can also see this information at our official site.