An important purpose of OBO sending mode.

Question from user:
Is Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition possible to send an email using a recipients list and have in the “To” field appear only one email of recipients.
So for example if I receive the email I’ll see only my email address in the “To” field and not all the other people’s addresses?

Answer by us:
Yes, our email newsletter senders can do this.
In AMSSE, please check “One-by-one mode” in your email template to achieve this.
In AMSFE, please set the related field in your email file by referring to the Interface documentation.
In AMSBE, please set the Sending method of season’s greetings parameter as “One by one”.

Please refer to What is Macro? What can it do and how to use it? to know more detail about OBO.

This article is applied to AMS Birthday/File/Standard Edition.

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